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Your Virtual Tasks was created by Tracia Brown. Deborah Walsh and Camielle Lawson-Livingstone to cater to the overworked Solopreneurs, Bloggers, Health Coaches, Real Estate agents, and other Entrepreneurs who are in desperate need of help to effectively manage the daily tasks of running their businesses.

Their combined overall work experience spans several decades to provide for our clients in various aspects of managing daily functions of helping overworked CEOs run their businesses.

Tracia lives on the beautiful island of Jamaica with her 8-year-old Shih Tzu/Poodle mix Bella. Bella is her sidekick in everything she does and her work supervisor. Bella has Tracia’s heartstring in her paws and she knows it. Tracia specializes in website and graphic design as well as general admin support. She is also a great problem solver when it comes to figuring out technical issues.

Camielle is a self-motivated creative writer and organizational aficionado. She is well acquainted with productivity techniques like GTD, ZTD, and Pomodoro, and does her best work getting people organized. She is an excellent communicator, researcher, and highly motivated lifelong learner, continuously breaking into new industries to create content for diverse audiences. She has ghostwritten and proofread several research papers on various topics, e-books, novels, and articles on a wide array of topics.

​Deborah is an accomplished project manager with 25 years of working with client budgets ranging from thousands to $800 million. She is a team player and an exceptional motivator with a deep love of strategic planning and the realization of project dreams. In the past few years, Deborah has been a globe-trotting virtual project manager while homeschooling her teen aged kids.

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Your Virtual Tasks?

We know you have options, there are a lot of Virtual Assistant Companies and Freelancers out there you could choose from. However, if you’re looking for a reliably equitable partnership focused on getting the job done correctly and efficiently we are the best for your virtual tasks.

We are true virtual assistants, we can handle any task you set for us and we want to help you succeed. We don’t base our services on simply completing any virtual tasks you need done. Our standards require us to create a cohesive fit that advances you towards meeting and exceeding your overall goals.

As True virtual assistants, we at Your Virtual Tasks know that client relationships built on partnership means less stress and more success. Our gauntlet tested skills mesh impeccably with our clients’ needs, so your virtual tasks are completed with unerring attention to detail. We believe it’s the relationship behind it all that makes it work so seamlessly. We are invested in the success of our clients. It's more than just caring, we know we can help businesses succeed and we actively work to make your business the irrefutable success it is meant to be!


Our packages are custom designed to meet your specific needs! Each package begins at 20 hours per month, increasing as necessary to meet your requirements. We aren’t a “one-size-fits-all” company and offer an hourly rate for clients who need less than 20 hours per month. We’d love to speak to you about your specific assistant needs and budget. Please use the contact form above and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours!

Experienced and Talented

Meet the
Your Virtual Tasks Team


Tracia Brown

Tracia is your virtual peace of mind. She loves being the guiding light in your chaotic business world. She specializes in Website Design, Graphic Design, and General VA Services.

Camielle Livingstone

As an executive assistant, she has managed some of the busiest lives and messiest inboxes with ease. She specializes in Content Writing, Inbox Management, and General VA Services.

Deborah Walsh

Deborah is a PMP certified project manager who is committed to ensuring proper project management is used for all of your projects.

Natalie Gallimore

Natalie is an experienced Executive and Administrative Assistant. She is also a certified Para-Legal in Jamaica and has worked in numerous capacities to C-level executives.


Bella is always on duty. She is the Head of Licks & Company Morale and takes her job very seriously. She specializes in napping while Tracia works, playing with her Red Ball and kisses.
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Offering peace of mind to busy professionals

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Offering peace of mind to busy professionals
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